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Laws Are Means To An End

The Rule Of Law

The Rule of Law holds that no person is above the jurisdiction of the Law. The laws which we are obliged to observe, whether we requested them or not, are made by our representatives in Parliament assembled.

The rules of the road are a good example of the Rule of Law, as they exist for the benefit of all road users. No road user is disadvantaged. The road law applies to means, not ends, allowing each user to go to the destination of his choice within the law, without interference.

Once enacted as law, to be made ‘legal’, everybody including the law makers, the Judges, the law enforcers, police, politicians and all who live within the compass of the stated laws boundary's are subject to the benefits or penalties of that law. There should be no exceptions.

The rule of men

The Rule of Men or Women, is “arbitrary decision making”, without regard to or hindrance of laws applicable to every other person within the realm of the Rule Of Law. It is made by those with the power to do so, generally for their own benefit or for somebody they hire.

It differs principally from the Rule of Law, in that the rule maker may exempt himself and those he nominates from the penalties of his rules. Those exempted are protected by the rule maker's enforcers. Arbitrary Rule is enforced by a very different method to Common Law and generally involves intimidation, money, disappearance, violence and death.

The Mafia, dictatorships, terrorism and modern wars are conducted under the “rules of men“, within nations and universally, without regard to national laws and boundaries. Acting outside the law is being an ‘outlaw’. It is “Self Interest” the essence of corruption, in place of “Public Interest”.

The achilles heel of civilisation is “the rule of law”.

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Resource: Printed: 2024-04-21
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