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Golden Jubilee her Majesty's Coronation (Page 4 of 6)

The Golden Jubilee of the coronation of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II the 2nd June 2003

When at Buckingham Palace, She usually commences work on the red Dispatch boxes containing parliamentary and diplomatic papers immediately following breakfast. The boxes follow Her wherever She travels along with a contingent of secretaries who handle possibly the most voluminous amount of correspondence any person in the World receives. It is a most amazing thing that a letter to the Prime Minister can take anything up to three months to be acknowledged, whereas a letter to The Queen will generally be replied to within a fortnight!

Added to this is a schedule of appointments which would daunt most people. Rarely a day will pass without some sort of official function, either in the Palace itself or somewhere in the country.

The position of "Head of the Commonwealth" is one which The Queen greatly cherishes, but which also brings its own massive work-load. Her Majesty sees Her position as a peacemaker and in this regard has achieved great success.

Visits to foreign and Commonwealth countries also consume a tremendous amount of time and are extremely onerous, particularly when one considers that The Queen is now 76 and the Duke over 80!

With the advent of television and modern communications we have actors and pop stars and television soap stars that attain heights of popularity and wealth previously undreamed of.

They are but fireflies glittering momentarily in the still night and yet any one of these can perform the most immoral acts and retain their popularity. Any one of these could lavish a million dollars on a party without question.

Any one of these can purchase the most glittering of vehicles and yet retain their popularity but if The Queen spends one pound over Her budget, the media pounces on her for despoiling the Nation's wealth, forgetting that the "Nation" makes a huge profit out of the Crown Estates, gifted by George III in exchange for the Civil List. Being a Royal is truly a road that no sensible human being would ever want to travel.

Whilst grudgingly accepting that Her Majesty has been a perfect Monarch, detractors have been attacking the Royal Family saying that they are dysfunctional and it is true to say that as a family they are vastly different from what goes for an average family of these modern times for obedience to God and duty to the People is instilled into them from the time of their birth and is the watchword they must carry throughout their lives hence The Queen Mother's comment "Work is the rent you pay for your space on this Earth"

Whilst the Anniversary of Her Majesty's Accession is cause indeed for jubilation, I have often thought that it should be the Golden Jubilee of the Coronation that requires a greater acknowledgement for whilst there have been coronations of kings for thousands of years, the Christian coronation of the English and the British Sovereigns is something so very special, creating a communion between the Monarch and God, between the Monarch and the Church and between the Monarch and the People.

The first recorded Coronation of an English monarch dates back to AD 973 when King Edgar was crowned at Bath by Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury. The ceremony, however, is known to date far beyond that and, of course, has its foundation in the coronation services of Biblical times.

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