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Golden Jubilee her Majesty's Coronation (Page 5 of 6)

The Golden Jubilee of the coronation of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II the 2nd June 2003

It is known (from the Book of Kings) that in 1015 BC "Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet anointed Solomon king" and this has been sung at English and British Coronations for over a thousand years.

A vial of sacred oil was brought across from the Holy Land to be used at the Coronation of Edward II in 1307 and at subsequent coronations until its contents were exhausted some two hundred and fifty years later at the Coronation of Elizabeth the First in 1558. Since that time the oil used at the anointing of British Sovereigns has been very specially prepared and blessed. The formula of the oil is secret but it is known to include oils of orange flowers, roses, cinnamon, jasmine, musk and ambergris.

However it really matters not what comprises the oil. What is significant is the actual Act of Anointing. Indeed when Her Majesty herself was anointed with the Holy Oil She had said that it imbued her with a conviction of something irrevocable and that She felt that She has to do everything within Her power to maintain the Gift of Royal Privilege and Obligation bestowed upon Her.

Since the time of William the Conqueror and before, monarchs of England have always sworn an Oath at their Coronations to uphold the Law. The Treaties of Liberty, including Magna Carta, confirmed the Saxon tradition that no one, not even the King, was above the Law.

Queen Elizabeth is a direct descendent of Cerdic who founded the Kingdom of Wessex in AD 519. She is, however, the first Monarch since that time to have been under so much media observation and scrutiny, but Her Majesty has never allowed Her personal desires to deter Her from Her duty.

In fact the intrusiveness of modern communications, which has rarely permitted Her to enjoy any sort of privacy whatsoever, has meant that Her life has indeed become one of subjugation and total sacrifice.

Many today may say that the Monarchy is an anachronism and should go to make room for modern times. They forget that our system of Constitutional Monarchy is the most modern of systems, having developed over a thousand years and is the only system of government which best nurtures and protects the democracy and the freedom of the People.

The Queen is not paid a salary by the Australian taxpayer, nor is She reimbursed for any of Her day to day costs as Sovereign of Australia. Indeed we have a very inexpensive system of Government.

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