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Late Queen of Australia

The Australian Constitutional Monarchy shares principles with other Christian Constitutional Monarchies around the world.

The Monarch, a Queen or King, is crowned in a Christian Church service. The Monarchy is a limited Constitutional Monarchy, whose prime function is to give legitimacy to the authority of the Monarch's Australian representatives. The limitations are defined by the Australian Constitution, and the historical precedents that accompany the office of the Crown.

Mourning the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II

The passing of our Queen, Elizabeth II is a moment of great sadness for people not only in the realms and the Commonwealth but across the world.

She set the theme of her long reign in her address to the Commonwealth broadcast from South Africa on her 21st year when she declared that she would dedicate her whole life, whether it be long or short, to the service of the great imperial family to which we all belong.

She was to honour that and her Coronation Oath throughout her life and during her long reign.

Older Australians still remember the joy of the nation when on 3 February 1954 the SS Gothic steamed into Sydney Harbour and the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth II stepped ashore from the Royal Barge. She was the first reigning British monarch to visit the nation, and Australians turned out in their millions to greet her and Prince Philip with warmth, affection and loyalty.

And she responded by returning many times and in her concern for the nation, even becoming personally involved in aiding the resolution of the place of the states in the federation which culminated in the Australia Act, 1986.

On her Platinum Anniversary, she acknowledged the affection and loyalty of people in the realms and across the Commonwealth, signing it as ‘your servant Elizabeth’.

She was indeed Elizabeth the Great.

And now we have a new sovereign, King Charles III, who also has a deep affection for our land.

So we say with affection and loyalty, God Save The King and Advance Australia Fair.

Professor David Flint for Australians For Constitutional Monarchy.

Queen of Australia

Queen Elizabeth II was the reigning Monarch. Separate to her role as Queen of Great Britain, she was also Queen of Australia. She was crowned in 1953, and the year, 2003, marked the Celebration of the Coronation Jubilee. See also Australia’s King

At her Coronation, Queen Elizabeth made a solemn oath before God, to dedicate her life, whether long or short, to the service of her people. Without any cost to the Australian people, she has fulfilled that oath for over 50 years.

The reserve powers of the Monarch are not defined, are rarely exercised, but are sufficient to guarantee that abusers of political power can be constrained by an office that is above politics, and that exists for the sole purpose of advancing the general common well-being of all the people.

Politicians represent the wishes of the majority. The Monarch serves sacrificially for the welfare of all.

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