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Sophie York - 2019 Address

Sophie York addresses the Meeting of the Toowoomba Branch of the Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, 11 March 2018

Sophie York addressing ACM (Toowoomba Branch)

Sophie York from Sydney was guest speaker at the ACM Toowoomba Branch OGM on 8 Spetember 2019. Her overall title was ‘Australia – the best country on the planet. How do we keep it that way in 2019?’

The text for her address is available for download with links to the the audio below.

About Sophie York
Sophie York is a dedicated wife and mother of four sons, engaging speaker and writer, barrister, university lecturer, and Naval Legal Reserve Officer.

She lectures in Jurisprudence (Legal Philosophy) at Sydney University, and is presently preparing a course on ‘The Law of War’, for Notre Dame University.

She is on the Board of Campion College, a tertiary institution offering a classic Liberal Arts degree, in the Western suburbs of Sydney, and which hosts the Centre for Western Civilisation.

Sophie is also the National Spokeswoman for Marriage Alliance, which fought to save Marriage in Australia remaining between a man and a woman. Marriage Alliance works together with a group of 100 like-minded groups, who jointly form ‘The Coalition for Marriage’. They are now concentrating on securing the protection of religious freedom in Australia, and have made submissions to a Review Panel, chaired by Philip Ruddock, which will report to government at the end of May 2018.

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Sophie York - Audio

Click/tap numbered tracks below.

Track 1 Introduction by Dr John Standley (0:45 - 1 MB)

Track 2 “Challenges to the Australian Heritage” (33:44 - 32 MB)

Track 3 “Freedoms and Liberal Agendas” (27.30 - 26 MB)

Track 4 “Brexit Update” (29:19 - 27 MB)

Track 5 “China & Our Sovereignty” (27.30 - 26 MB)

Note: The above audio files are .mp3 format that should play without andditonal software on all devices. If asked to download, save in your preferred location and then open the audio file.

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